The World’s Most Expensive Cat Food?

Uncategorized / Saturday, October 29th, 2016

The World’s Most Expensive Cat Food?

Cat ownership is surprisingly expensive. You might think that a moggy is a cheaper option than a dog or an exotic animal but that isn’t necessarily the case. A cat typically costs around £1,000 per year to care for and over 40% of that is accounted for by food. You would probably choose to feed your cat Sheba, Felix or one of the other leading brands. But how much extra would your furry friend cost you if you were indulgent enough to feed it a new food called British Banquet?

Posh in cat condo

Feeding Your Cat Would Cost More than Feeding Your Family

British Banquet is almost certainly the world’s most expensive commercially produced cat food. At a shocking £10 for an 85g portion, this food would set you back £9,000 per year for each cat that you own. That is more than double the average annual spend on food and drink of a typical British Family.

The Ingredients

The luxury cat food contains Devon crab, Arenkha caviar, line-caught Scottish salmon and hand-caught Norfolk lobster and it is fit for human consumption. The food also features organic asparagus, quinoa, and saffron. It is hard to imagine that there is any point in the inclusion of the saffron! The food contains no artificial preservatives or GM ingredients and, with the exception of the caviar, is made from British produce.

The posh cat food does provide excellent nutrition for felines which must be a great relief to those who have invested in it!

Limited Edition Cat Food

British Banquet is manufactured by Green Pantry who claim that it tastes wonderful, even to humans. The food took two years to develop and is a limited edition product aimed at celebrities. No kidding! At £1.25 per mouthful, you would have to be seriously wealthy to contemplate an investment in British Banquet.

Special Request

If you are tempted to treat your pet to British Banquet, or yourself for that matter, then it is only available by special request. Green Pantry plan to see if there is enough interest in the food to take it to market permanently.

So there you have it. If you do happen to have around £9,000 per year in spare cash, then you can splash out on the world’s most expensive cat food.

Alternatively, you could buy a perfectly palatable and healthy mainstream cat food, a couple of lobsters for extra special treats and then take a wonderful holiday or six with the rest of the money.

This cat food is most certainly aimed at those who have a great deal more money than common sense.