United Airlines Bans Big Bunnies

Small Pets / Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

It hasn’t been a good year for United Airlines. After a video of a doctor being forcibly removed from one of its planes went viral, the company must have thought that things couldn’t get any worse. But they were wrong! United have now managed to kill a giant bunny which looked set to become the biggest rabbit in the world!

High Flying Rabbit

Giant rabbit Simon died on a United Airlines flight from Heathrow to the US. Unfortunately, airline staff then cremated the body and so it was not possible to have the rabbit examined to investigate the reason for his demise.

The Largest Rabbit in the World

Simon was bred by Annette Edwards of Worcester. This former beauty queen and page three model is a mother of 10. She breeds giant rabbits at her home and owns Darius, the largest rabbit in the world. Darius is an incredible 4ft 4 inches long and weighs in at almost 3 stone. He succeeded his own mother as the largest rabbit in the world and Ms Edwards charges up to £500 for Darius to make personal appearances at a variety of events.

Enormous Offspring

The deceased Simon was one of Darius’s sons and was set to overtake his father as the largest rabbit in the world once he was fully grown. Simon was a high-profile animal whose tragic death has been a PR disaster for United Airlines.


United has reportedly paid Annette Edwards a significant sum in compensation to prevent her from pursuing them for damages. But this payout is of little consolation to the group of US businessmen who had purchased Simon. Their lawyer has now threatened legal action against the airline.

The rabbit and his transportation to America had cost the group £2200. They were looking forward to owning a record breaker as Simon already measured 3ft 6 inches in length. It was thought that he would eventually outgrow Darius to become the largest bunny on the planet.

Banning Giants

United Airlines have now banned giant rabbits from its planes whilst it conducts a review into the incident. Other rabbits are still being carried by the airline. This seems like a strange course of action because it has yet to be established whether Simon’s size had anything to do with his demise. Animal deaths during flights are rare but they do happen and Simon’s giant frame could be a red herring.

We will keep you informed of any new developments!

2 Replies to “United Airlines Bans Big Bunnies”

  1. Another case of exploitation of animals , breeding huge rabbits . All about money . My thoughts are with the animal not the greedy people who bred it or invested in it .Shame on them and great the airline is now thinking of stopping this unnecessary shipping of animals around the world purely for financial reasons .

  2. Is this reportage for real? If so, I find it horrendous that your site should be featuring such an unethical enterprise such as that run by a woman who breeds giant bunnies to make a profit. Never mind the tragedy of bunnies – indeed, any animal – who dies on a plane journey, non-humans are not on this earth to be bred, used and exploited by greedy humans. Shame on Annette Edwards and exploitative ‘businessmen’ seeking to fill their bank accounts at the expense of living creatures.

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