Top 10 Best Dog Vines

Uncategorized / Monday, August 31st, 2015

Dog Vines are extremely entertaining, you can sit watching them for hours on end. Some dog Vines have had millions of loops, including the ‘strike a pose’ vine below which has had 19,439,823 loops and counting. People just can’t get enough of these short videos that capture hilarious, cute and entertaining moments of dogs doing their thing. Here are our top 10 favourite dog Vines right now.


  1. Strike a pose


  1. Dogs can teach babies


  1. The budding musician



  1. Slow mo sneeze


  1. Puppy stuck in a bowl



  1. Best buds


  1. Soooo gentle


  1. Peanut butter problems


  1. Owner arrival happiness


  1. Enjoying a blow dry


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