Should Pets be a Allowed in the Workplace?

Dogs / Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Workplaces have become far less formal in recent years. Smart attire is no longer required in many offices and there is an altogether more casual feel about many establishments. But should the more relaxed approach to work extend to welcoming pets into shops, offices and the workplace in general?

You might think that the answer to that question is obvious. Pets would be a serious distraction wouldn’t they? But there are several potential advantages to consider before you completely dismiss the idea.

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There is little doubt that pets relieve stress. Many people suffer from severe stress at work and being able to enjoy the company of their pooch, or someone else’s for that matter, could really help them. Stressed employees are not productive employees and so perhaps a few cats and dogs around the place would result in more work being done.

Social Interaction

Animals tend to get people talking and so their presence could lead to greater communication and more teamwork.

Morale and Job Satisfaction

Who wouldn’t feel good about being able to spend more time with their pet? Workers will inevitably feel better about their job and the morale of the entire office could be lifted if there are a few furry friends around the place.

Financial Savings

If employees can take their pets to work, they may be able to make savings on day care or walking services.

Impressing Customers

Pets could mean that customers and prospective customers feel more relaxed on the premises and that they enjoy their time visiting the business. The animals project the image of a friendly and caring organisation and one which can be trusted. This may encourage customers to make more purchases or to engage the services of the company.

Employee Performance

An improvement in morale will lead to enhanced performance. In addition, employees who don’t have to worry about getting home to care for their animals might be happy to work longer hours.

Attracting Talent

A pet friendly policy could enable businesses to attract the best talent.

The Downsides

There are plenty of reasons why pets in the workplace could be a good thing. However, there are downsides too. Not all workers are animal lovers and some may suffer from allergies and phobias. Pets can be a major distraction and the animals might damage equipment and furnishings. There are potential issues with insurance as there would be a risk that dogs could bite workers or customers. The HR department would have more work to do creating and enforcing a pet policy. Obviously there are some workplaces where pets would clearly be inappropriate or impractical.

Are pets allowed in your workplace? If so, how have they affected the working environment?

9 Replies to “Should Pets be a Allowed in the Workplace?”

  1. I aren’t allowed to take my dog into anywhere be it shop or office so how would that work? . Our society has become less dog friendly .

  2. Yes !! But then it all depends where you work of course. If more Employer would allow pets in the workplace more people would consider to get /adopt a pet. Working long hours is one of the main reason why most people don’t have pets.

  3. I fully support Pets in the Workplace. In particular I really enjoy taking my Chocolate Labrador with me to Restaurants to sit under the table while the family eats. This is so good for the dog’s training! And more places are seeing the value in doing so! Brilliant

  4. I whole heartedly agree with dogs in particular being welcomed into a satisfactory workplace. Obviously it would depend on the type of workplace but if all employees are in agreement then I believe it would be a Win Win situation.

  5. I am an Administrator in a care home and I take my Labrador to work with me every day. The residents love to stroke her as many of them had pets in their younger days, and the other staff enjoy her too. It’s great!

  6. I have been in restaurants and cafes over the years where children are allowed to run around, scream and shout and leave a total mess on the floor when they leave. All down to upbringing. Where as dogs, not all I might add but a majority are far more well behaved in such surroundings and certainly do not leave behind a mess or are allowed to run round and upset people trying to have a relaxing and noise free time.

    1. Depends where you are working.. it has its good and bad side.. as long as the owner has complete control and it is not round people that are scared of dogs or have allergies I can see no reason why they cannot be welcome in the work place.

  7. I bring my dog to work with me, I work in retail and he either stays in the staff room or by the counter with me.
    My colleagues LOVE having him at work, they spend their lunch hours and breaks playing with him or taking him out for walks- he’s a great morale booster and every time I don’t bring him to work everyone complains! My boss was sceptical at first but has seen the effect that having a dog at work has on everyone’s morale. A bad day can be turned around by having a cuddle with a dog or taking them out for fresh air.

    Customers, too, love seeing a dog at work. In fact, we are known as the shop with the dog and many people come in just to see my dog “working”! We have only had one person in 5 years complain about him because her child was scared of dogs (my dog was behind the counter sleeping) and didn’t want to enter the store.

    Allowing dogs at work is a big step and I understand that it can be scary for some employers, but the boost in morale, productivity and even bringing in customers is definitely worth it.

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