10 Gifts To Buy Your Dog This Christmas

Uncategorized / Saturday, December 10th, 2016

10 Gifts To Buy Your Dog This Christmas

We like to spoil our families at Christmas, and dogs are a huge part of the family unit. Dogs shouldn’t have to miss out on the Christmas celebrations, they can be a part of the festivities too, so we give you 10 gifts to buy your dog this Christmas! Sometimes dogs get ignored on Christmas day, which means they become bored and sometimes even misbehave a little.
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Christmas is a busy day, so get your dog some fun and tasty gifts to keep them occupied throughout the celebrations. We also love to spoil our dogs, and what better time to spoil them rotten than Christmas day? Here’s 10 awesome gifts to buy your dog this Christmas.

  1. A cosy new dog bed

Your dog will love snuggling up in a brand new cosy bed on Christmas day. When it’s cold (and potentially snowy) outside they can find comfort and warmth in a brand new bed.

  1. A Christmas jumper

Keep your dog warm all day on the 25th with a comfy Christmas jumper. They will also look ridiculously cute all day and will definitely be dressed for the occasion. 

  1. Christmas themed dog toys

Sure, you can get your dog any type of toy for Christmas, but it’s more fun to get them Christmas themed toys. Get them a cuddly toy Christmas turkey, or a festive tug of war toy. 

  1. A Christmas dog stocking

Why should your dog miss out on the chance to open a Christmas stocking. Get them one too and they can open theirs with the rest of the family. 

  1. A rawhide roast dinner

This is perhaps one of our coolest Christmas gifts for dogs. It looks exactly (well sort of) like a roast dinner. Now your pet can eat their rawhide ‘roast dinner’ while you tuck into yours, and you don’t have to feel guilty.

  1. A pet santa coat

As well as Christmas jumpers, we also have santa coats for your dog. Dress your pooch up as Santa on Christmas day for some extremely adorable festive photos.

  1. Reindeer antlers

These reindeer antlers also come with lights, which make them even more festive. Wrap up some reindeer antlers for your dog to enjoy on Christmas day.

  1. A pet Christmas Cracker

Another festive tradition your dog can join in with is Christmas crackers. Normal crackers can be dangerous as your dog might chew and swallow the contents. These pet friendly Christmas crackers are suitable for dogs and have a few tasty treats inside for your dog to enjoy.


  1. A Christmas themed dog collar

You might want to get this special Christmas dog collar for your dog before Christmas day, so that they can wear it throughout December. This Christmas party dog collar has red velvet and festive bells on it.


  1. Rawhide dog friendly mince pies

Mince pies that are made for human consumption contain raisins, which can be toxic to some dogs. They can also occasionally contain traces of alcohol, which definitely isn’t good for your dog. Don’t give your dog any of your mince pies, get them their own pet friendly rawhide munchy pie.